The Vatican has a widget for you

If you operate a Catholic website, whether for a parish, a ministry, or yourself, you might be interested to hear that the Vatican is now offering a website widget to give your readers the latest news from the Vatican, the Pope’s Angelus or Regina Coeli address, recent speeches and the daily Press Office bulletin.

Once you put this little bit of code in the appropriate place on your website, the widget will offer the most current news with no further need of action on your part. You can see it in action on our website in the sidebar to the right on most pages.

Of course, this being the Vatican it’s not simply a matter of going to a web page and downloading some code. Unlike most similar widgets, you have to request permission to use the widget first. You can do that at the special web page on the Vatican site for that that purpose.

If you want more information on the Vatican widget and a vague hint at what else the Vatican Internet Office is working on, you can read about it at the Vatican Radio website.

4 Responses to “The Vatican has a widget for you”

  1. Meredith Gould, PhD on 02/05/2012 #

    I;ve made a solemn vow to not shoot any more fish in the Vatican barrel on my blog. Instead, I’m going to comment here that I snorted and rolled my eyes when I read here how anyone wanting to install the widget, must get permission. I clicked through and saw what they want in the way of information and thought, “Lord, have mercy.”

  2. Hi Domenico,

    I just received the codex sent by the Servizio Internet Vaticano. But when copied and pasted onto my blog it doesn’t work. Did you experience any problems?


    • Domenico Bettinelli on 10/05/2012 #

      No, I had no problems. I’m not sure exactly how it works for blogspot, but you have to put the code somewhere in the sidebar of your template.

  3. I tried to use it both in a post and on the sidebar. I’ll check with a friend who is more adept than I at these techie items. Perhaps it is a Blogspot thing, but I’ve never had a problem before. Thanks !

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