Resources and Examples for Parish Facebook Pages

I presented a webinar for Our Sunday Visitor this week on the topic of “Social Media for Pastors and Parishes: More than Friends, Meaningful Relationships” and as part of the presentation I mentioned some best practices and good examples of parish Facebook pages. I got a few questions in the presentation and afterward from people looking for examples of parishes doing a good job on Facebook and some pointers on how to implement some of the techniques they saw there.

Here are the two parishes I explicitly mentioned that I think are the best examples and then several who hit on one or more of the best practices I mentioned:

In addition, here’s an article from from Brad West, who maintains the Santa Maria De Mar Facebook page, with instructions on how he implemented the very cool features found there.

On the same site, you will find a comparison of the benefits of Google+ and Facebook to parishes.

And please stay tuned as we seek out more resources and examples of parishes and those involved in ministry using new media and social media.

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